Saturday, August 29, 2009

Far World: Water Keep, by J. Scott Savage

Far World: Water Keep is one of the best books for middle-grade readers and early teens around. I was particularly impressed with the message in the book, "Keep going, no matter what the obstacles." This is one book parents can let their teens and pre-teens read (and read to their older children) with no worries. It's gripping, won't let you out until the very last word, and makes you almost desperate for the sequel. I loaned my copy to my eleven-year-old grandson because of its high standard, fast-paced action and engaging tale. J. Scott Savage has triumphed over all his past novels with Far World: Water Keep.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's time

It only takes a few seconds to decide it's time. It's time to change. It's time to commit. It's time to improve. It's time to take a desired path. But, life isn't about deciding, it's about doing. All the decision-making in the world will not improve upon the process of action. Like New Year Resolutions that we agonize over making, if we don't act upon resolution, it won't get done. My life has been all about decisions lately, and very little about "doing." For me, it's time to do something more than merely make a decision and say it's time. It's time to do. I hope you will hang out with me as I struggle beyond my own failings and plunge myself into the reality of action. My father once taught me "Sorry is an action word." Erroneously, I thought he meant it was a verb and, grammarian that I had become at fifteen (ha!), I knew he was wrong. As I've dwelt on the deeper meaning behind his statement, I've realized that action is spurred on by feelings of regret. I didn't do something I should have done (or I did something erroneously) . . . I felt sorry . . . I sought change . . . I change . . . I do! That's what Dad meant: sorrow for past actions means nothing without future action upon past behaviors. Deep thinking. Rare for me. Now, onward!
Over the next few months, I hope to post my thoughts on books I've read, books I'm writing, memories of special value to me, encouragement I've received, discouragement I've overcome, a few musings I may have over contemporary and earlier issues. Join me as I ramble along with Miller's Musings . . . .