Monday, November 30, 2009

The Journey by J. Adams

When Ciran, princess of Krisandor, is sent from her father's kingdom to Havenwood, her journey begins and her faith is tested. I was instantly reminded of the pre-existence and our own journey here on earth. Quick to point out during Ciran's sojourn that each choice has a consequence attached to it, the analogy to earth life is poignantly detailed in Jewel Adams book, The Journey. The battle is being waged in every life, and each person is accountable for his or her choices . . . so The Journey teaches. This tale of love and loss, flattery and deceit, is as endless as time, itself. There will always be trials that lead us to choose either good or evil, but Ciran's story will touch you in ways that will make you want to choose wisely. The Journey is an interesting, absorbing read and one you might enjoy, too.