Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hanging by The Thread by Donald B. Anderson

Hanging by The Thread is the kind of novel you want to start early in the day because it will suck you in and keep your interest until you've turned the very last page. It begins with a presidential assassination and leads you through a series of bombings and potential bombings by a secret organization (calling itself The Thread) hiding amongst numerous government agencies. When an innocent young man finds a lost document that outlines The Thread's plans to blow up the state capitol building, he turns to his uncle, an FBI agent, to help him overthrow the plot and restore peace to the USA.

Donald B. Anderson's fast-paced novel is both intriguing and interesting. With numerous twists and turns, the reader is left guessing how the story will ever turn out when lives are in danger and the government is truly hanging by a thread. At the conclusion of the novel are a series of lectures on economics by one of the characters in the novel, giving a rich background into just how gullible we've really become and how easy it would be for such a group as The Thread to infiltrate our ranks.

Hanging by The Thread is one novel I heartily recommend to my readers.