Friday, June 8, 2012

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One Last Gift, first book in the Gift Series: Kayla Dawn Allen gave up religion ten years ago to pursue a lifestyle completely foreign to her upbringing. When she receives a disturbing telephone call from her father, Mont, she reluctantly leaves her fiancé, her sailboat, and her challenging career in San Diego, and hastens to her childhood home high in the Uintah Mountains. Her return stirs up questions from her past she thought she'd buried years before: Why does Mont tenaciously cling to his faith, regardless of his daughter's denouncement of it? Isn't God just a crutch people use when they don't understand science? Does her mother really live in the Spirit World, as Mont insists? Kayla conquers one issue after another until she faces the greatest obstacle of her life in a desperate race for survival. Will a tragedy turn Kayla's analytical heart back to God, or will it take a miracle? Can lovely Kayla be rescued from her own scientific disposition, her infatuation with Ed Sparkleman, and even more desperate and dangerous elements in One Last Gift?

You’re going to love all five novels in Sherry Ann Miller’s popular Gift Series, which take you on the individual sojourns of Kayla Dawn Allen and the six men who have influenced her life for good: the Sparkleman boys, Ed, Abbot, Tom and William, who grew up with Kayla on the Bar M Ranch; and the seafaring Clark twins, Joshua (who loves Kayla more than life itself) and Hans (who is always one step behind in finding his soul-mate). Each novel will plunge you into a miraculous, spine-tingling journey about life, love, heartache and triumphant joy. If you’ve a thirst for suck-you-in adventure, drama, action and romance, you’ll want to read all five novels in Sherry Ann’s award-winning Gift Series.

Note: The Gift Series can be read out of sequence without losing continuity, except for The Refiner’s Gift, which should be read last.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Étude, by Melinda R. Morgan, is a promising new novel, the first in a series called The Birthright Legacy. Once I had invested some time into the story, I could not put the book down until I'd read through to the very last word. Spellbinding is not a word I often use to describe a novel, but Étude is good enough to deserve the word.

Based on the premise of "immortals among us," Étude weaves its story around Elizabeth Anne Arrington (Beth), an intelligent young woman in her last year of high school, who had to skip her senior year in California due to an auto accident (with mysterious undertones) that destroyed not only her ability to play piano, but her life's dreams, as well. Told in first person, Beth begins her journey on a train to Andersen, Wyoming, where she will live with her Uncle Conner and his new wife as she attends her senior year at high school, yes, a year older than the other seniors there. Her father is abroad, serving with the military's special forces and her mother was killed in the auto accident that maimed Beth's left hand. Beth has not fully come to terms with what happened to her mom, nor has she fully accepted the fact that her left hand is useless to her.

Drawn to a remarkably talented pianist named Jonathan, who has startling secrets of his own, Beth soon begins to have feelings for him that she hadn't expected to find in Andersen, Wyoming. From that point on, the story deepens and swells with action, adventure and mystery. Forces beyond Beth's understanding are at work in Andersen, and she is terrified and confused by the startling series of events that make her doubt everything about the accident that happened in California and the terror that followed her to Wyoming.

This is one novel I couldn't put down, even though I wanted to cover my eyes and only peep at it a few times. At the conclusion, I was ready to scream, "Isn't the next one out yet?"

Melinda R. Morgan has a way with visual imagery that most authors only dream about. I could see, feel, taste and hear every last terrifying note played out in her remarkable novel, Étude.

Would I recommend Étude to others? After my glowing review, you need to ask?