Saturday, November 21, 2009

Santa Maybe by Aubrey Mace

I should have known from the very beginning. I mean, what reader gets taken in so easily? Oops! It was me. I have to confess that Santa Maybe by Aubrey Mace, sucked me in too quickly, left me laughing too long, and that I should have known from the very first sentence that I was destined to thoroughly enjoy Santa Maybe. After all, how many books begin by explaining, ". . . I fell in love like most people change their socks." Every day? I asked myself. Yet Aubrey manages to explain it all so deliciously (pun intended -- my only regret was the recipes were missing).

Who would expect Santa to actually leave a man under the Christmas tree for Abbie, even when she asked for one? Abbie's situations are just too funny! And, Ben's reason for being under Abbie's Christmas tree . . . almost unbelieveable until the twist, then totally understandable, and all the while endearingly comical.

If you want a really good bout of the chuckles this holiday season, you won't miss reading Santa Maybe. Oh! And, if you're single, you might think of sending Santa your letter, asking him for a man for your Christmas present. You never know what might happen if you do! After all, it happened to Abbie.

Santa Maybe is one Christmas story you won't want to miss! Enjoy!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Shudder by Jennie Hansen

Tackling the often hidden issue of spouse abuse, Jennie Hansen shines in her latest novel, Shudder. When two young women, Darcy and Clare, are separated by the devious manipulation of Clare's fiance, Blaine, it seems their lifelong friendship comes to an abrupt end. But, Darcy is devoted to Clare and becomes her lifeline in a relationship that answers the age-old question, "Who can say where love will be found?" In addition to Darcy's concern for Clare, she is unknowingly thrown into an intricately woven web of fear and danger . . . a rippling effect put into play by the skillfully controlling Blaine. If it were not for David's entrance (the romantic interest) into her life, Darcy might have been maimed or killed several times over. This is one story that kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through. Regardless of the subject content and the many twists of plot involved, Jennie Hansen holds true to the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in her engrossing story Shudder. I would heartily recommend Shudder to teens and adults alike. Enjoy!