Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Victoria's Lullaby - - Now available on Kindle

Victoria’s Lullaby is a balance of light-hearted drama in a delightful time-travel, comedy-romance. Don’t miss the fun as Victoria travels from 1893 to the twenty-first Century, dramatically impacting the life and heart of Ian McClary and his family.

Here's a condensed version of excerpts from the first chapter:

In the year 1893, after reading a passage from Pinkerton’s Book of Enchantments, a great rushing wind surrounded Victoria Langford as she forced her hands to clutch the skirts of her velvet dress, holding them down so as not to expose her pantaloons.

Her lovely hat and parasol blew away and she had the distinct impression they had arrived out of thin air into an older woman’s bedchamber, frightening the woman into a complete faint.

Victoria’s long, flame-red hair came loose from its pins and swept about her face, blocking her vision as it wrapped around her head. She would not abandon her grip upon the lifting skirts of her dress to repair the disheveled damage to her hairstyle when she was whisked forward in time within the whirling vortex of a tornado.

At the exact same time of day, yet more than a century later, the architect, Ian McClary, poked his head around the bedroom doorframe to see what had caught his young brother, Charlie’s, attention. Ian’s mouth dropped open and he watched in wide-eyed wonder as a small tornado seemed to fill the center of the spacious room, growing in size until it was about five feet tall and had the color of a dark, green forest.

Charlie squealed in delight and jumped up and down upon the bed, his arms waving Pinkerton’s Book of Enchantments around like a flying fish trying to escape the restless sea. “It’s working! Ian, it’s working!”

When the whirlwind dissipated, a woman wearing a floor-length, velvet gown, complete with bustle, appeared out of nowhere. She was bent over, her thin arms and hands holding the green folds of the dress down, the fabric still trying to blow away from her slender ankles. A small, drawstring handbag dangled from her left wrist. Her long, curly red hair hung disheveled around her face and the look in her emerald eyes was nothing short of absolute astonishment.

“Oh, Charlie,” Ian moaned as he leaned against the door frame. “Now, what have you done?”

You won't want to miss this one. Here's the link to the Amazon Kindle edition of Victoria's Lullaby: